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Solfactory Ltd (hereinafter referred to as "MC") operates and maintains a network ( and the APP in google play store) where user can spin for free a wheel and win some crypto coins ("advertiser") can be promoted by means of the affiliate-marketing ("MC network"). Advertisers make recommendations for our portal as part of their network

  1. General

    The participation in the MC network as well as any services and offers between MC and the advertiser are exclusively subject to the following business conditions. Business conditions of the advertiser which are an obstacle to this advertiser GTC or vary from this GTC are invalid. This also applies if other contractual conditions were brought to MC's knowledge and MC allows access to the MC network under knowledge of such contractual conditions.

    1.1 SPIN and Wheel

    1.1.1 There are 3 ways to get SPINS. First you get daily free Spin and second you can buy spins with the credited Crypto coins.

    1.1.2 You can buy spins with Your coins and Third you get free spins from system.(Field on wheel, Check in bouns, Mystery bouns, etc..)

    But this are all free options, there must be not somebody referred or something buy.

  2. Object of agreement

    2.1 MC operates an APP where you can SPIN a Wheel. Via our affiliate program, the advertiser (natural or legal person) can recommend and promote our APP by the use of partner programs with means of advertising like banners, links, e-mails and videos.

    2.2 The advertiser runs, administers and promotes his partner program himself and on a voluntary basis.

    2.3 MC supervises and records business deals ("tracking") and makes a precise overview available for the advertiser. In case the advertiser additionally uses his own tracking to the MC tracking, the tracking of MC is valid for all purposes of this contractual relationship.

    2.4 The advertiser will not fake registrations of new customers, which are not real e.g. by giving foreign, wrong or non-existing data when doing an online registration or product order.

    2.4.1 Use of forms of advertising which make tracking possible, but do not, not noticeable or not in the from the advertiser stated form and/or size, or

    2.4.2 Use of terms, which are for the advertiser or third party legal protected, especially terms protected by trademark law e.g. search engine marketing without previous agreement of the advertiser or the third party (e.g. in additional conditions of participation for the particular partner program).

    2.5 The reward according to 5.1.3 will be due with the approval.

  3. Services of MC

    3.1 The technical realisation, set up and configuration as well as operating the MC network and the tracking falls to MC. MC places the login data (consisting of customer number and password) for the MC network at the disposal of the advertiser. The login data have to be treated confidentially by the advertiser and are not allowed to be passed on or told third parties including subsidiaries, fellow subsidiaries and parent companies.

    3.2 MC places a link as well as a code or a banner in the internal area at the disposal of the advertiser.

    3.3 MC is anxious to steadily advance the MC network. In the context of this advancement, MC is able to improve, extend or insignificantly change particular applications. This also includes the fully or partly removal of some functions, provided that there is no substantial transformation of a contractual relationship made. MC reserves the right to extend, insignificantly change and improve the range of the functions of the applications. The right of changing of services are due to MC if this change is usual in this branch or if MC is obliged by the changing of the legal situation or by jurisdiction. MC will appropriately take the interests of the advertiser into account.

    3.4 MC is entitled to transfer service provision or parts of it for the handling of themselves to related companies, third party services or performing agents.

  4. Obligation of the advertiser

    4.1 The advertiser guarantees that his provided means of advertising, product specifications, websites and/or other contents and his distributed products and services do not infringe laws, particularly

    4.1.1 no rights of third parties (particularly copyright, trademark rights, personal rights or similar rights) are infringed and/or

    4.1.2 no other legal requirements (particularly competition law) are infringed and that they are not of state-endangering, racist, violence glorifying, pornographic or youth-endangering nature or are not public accessible.

    4.2 The hyperlinks with URL of a particular site or website of the advertiser to participate in a partner program are made available by MC.

    4.3 The advertiser will do everything is needed with his technical possibilities and the legal allowed work towards that his website (including all entries in searching engines, registers or link lists of third parties) will be presented and designed in a way, that through final customers valid clicks, views, leads or sales are generated on the advertiser's website. The advertiser is obliged to take all for the tracking of business deals necessary measures. In case the advertiser additionally uses an own tracking system, the MC tracking is valid for the particular business deals. As far as the advertiser implements tracking switches, he guarantees that hereby the tracking of MC will not be affected.

  5. Rewards

    5.1. If there is a Wining in the Wheel, occurred by the recommendation of the advertiser, a reward according to his level is credited on his account under the item "referral". These rewards are always paid in virtual or real Coins.

    5.2. Furthermore, there are temporary special bonuses, which will be announced in the APP.

    5.3 Furthermore, rewards from indirect partners/customers will be credited also in virtual or real Coins the actually Affiliate plan.

  6. Right of use

    6.1 The advertiser has the revocable, non-exclusive, non-transferable and non-sublicensable right to use the in the context of the MC network allocated applications as well as the included data online via the MC User Interface for the time of his active recommendations.

    6.2 Further rights of use are not granted to the advertiser. With the allocated applications and the included data, the advertiser is not entitled to partly or fully

    6.2.1 transfer them to third parties or make access possible for third parties,

    6.2.2 change or edit them,

    6.2.3 transfer them into other company- and sale documents and/or

    6.2.4 use them for the creation of an own data bank and/or an information service.

    6.3 With the realisation of this contract, the advertiser grants MC for the duration of this contract the non-exclusive, transferable, irrevocable regional right to use the e-mail addresses for the fulfilment of the purpose of this agreement which are allocated by the advertiser. The advertiser guarantees to be authorised and capable for granting the pre-mentioned rights.

  7. Data privacy

    7.1 The collection, processing and use of personal data is an inalienable requirement for the MC network. MC collects, processes and uses personal data only under the observance of applicable legal data protection regulations.

    7.2 MC is entitled to collect and use personal data of the advertiser as far as it is necessary to make the participation in the MC network possible.

    7.2.1 MC collects, processes and uses particularly data which have been collected by signing the contract (name of contact person, address, other contact information, bank information) as well as data, which arises with the participation in the MC network and which can be assigned to the advertiser (e.g. access to MC applications).

    7.2.2 MC uses the contact data stated by the advertiser also to contact the stated contact person via e-mail about the participation in the MC network. Furthermore, it is possible for the advertiser and the publisher to contact each other via the MC User Interface in connection with the particular partner program.

    7.3 The processing and using of personal data for other purposes than stated in 7.2 is only made based on an acceptance or a legal regulation which allows MC the use.

    7.4 As far as the advertiser gets access to personal data of third parties due his participation in the MC network he is obliged to use this data only for the adherence of this contract. The advertiser is also obliged to observe the applicable legal data protection regulations regarding his partner program and he will not collect, process or use personal data of third parties without the agreement of the affected person or legal basis.

  8. Term and termination

    8.1 The affiliate and Wheel program can be terminated at any time. In this case you get a message for transfer in maximum of 30 days (after sending message) all Coins to an other wallet. After this period al coins are deleted.

  9. Liability of the advertiser

    9.1 If the advertiser infringes regulations of this advertiser GTC, especially his obligations according to 4.1 and a third party (e.g. an originator) holds MC accountable, MC has the right to demand all costs and expenses from the advertiser which occurred through this infringement. To these belong particularly payments for compensation or reimbursement of expenses to third parties based on verdict or settlement, lawyers" or court fees for the protection of claims of third parties and other damages which occur for MC.

    9.2 Apart from that the advertiser is liable according to the legal regulations.

  10. Liability of MC and limitation of liability

    10.1 For the use of the MC network it requires certain technical systems like terminal devices, software programs, transmission paths, telecommunication- and other services of third parties. MC does not allocate such terminal devices, software programs, transmission paths, telecommunication- and other services and does not take the liability for services of third parties.

    10.2 MC is not liable for damages which occur in context with faultiness of software and hardware of third parties or lack in of availability or faultless functionality of the internet.

    10.3 Apart from that, MC is only liable no matter what legal cause.

    10.3.1 in case of intent and gross negligence of a legal agent, a chief executive or other vicarious agents,

    10.3.2 with every culpable violation of an essential contractual obligation (an obligation whose fulfilment makes a proper implementation possible), in case of delay and impossibility.

    10.4 The liability according to 10.3.2 with financial loss and property damage is confined to the extent of a typical predictable damage.

    10.5 The pre-mentioned limitations of liability are not valid in cases of mandatory liability, particularly according to the product liability law, with acceptance of a warranty and in case of culpable violations of life, body and health.

  11. Modifications of GTC

    11.1 MC has the right to change less substantial clauses in this GTC anytime and without giving reasons, if this change does not affect the contract overall. Substantial clauses are especially provisions which affect the type and range of contractual agreed performances, term and cancellation of the contract. The changed conditions will be sent per mail minimum two weeks prior to taking effect to the advertiser or user. If the advertiser or user does not argue in form of text within four weeks after he received the mail, the changed conditions of the GTC will be considered as accepted.MC is obliged to state the possibility of arguing within four weeks in the mail with the changed conditions.

    11.2 If the advertiser or user argues with the validity of the new GTC, the change request is obtained as declined. In this case the contract will be continued without the recommended changes. The right of MC for cancellation remains as unaffected.

  12. Privacy

    12.1 The parties are obliged to keep secret all information's connected with the contract or knowledge which is confidential or company secrets for two years after the contract is past. The parties are not allowed to register, pass on or commercialize. In case of doubt, any information has to be treated confidential. Excepted are mutual mention in press release and reference lists, if not one of the contractual partner disagrees in text form.

    12.2 The parties have to oblige their employees and agents to privacy according to 12.1

  13. Final provisions

    13.1 For assignment of rights and obligations of this contract or the assignment of this contract by an advertiser or user to a third party a written agreement from MC is needed.

    13.2 The parties are only able to argue a right of set-off or right of retention against the claims of other parties in this contract, if a due counterclaim of the other party is legally valid established or uncontended.

    13.3 This contract causes no company with external effect and does not legitimate other parties, for both together or the always other party to hand in a legally binding representation or to oblige or represent them otherwise.

    13.4 On this GTC and the contractual relationship between MC and the advertiser or user will be only the right of the Republic of Cyprus to the exclusion of UN Convention on Contracts for the International Sale of Goods (CISG) applicable.

    13.5 The place of jurisdiction is agreed upon as Larnaca, if the advertiser or user is a trader, has no fixed place of residence in Cyprus, has relocated his place of residence into foreign countries after effectiveness of the GTC or if his place of residence or his habitual residence is unknown at the time of the commencement of proceedings.

    13.6 If individual clauses of this GTC are entirely or partly effect less, the effect of the remaining clauses is undisturbed. The effect less clause is replaced through a clause which is similar from the legally and financial view.